Graduate & Honor Studies

How to Apply as a Graduate Student

Apply to Delta State graduate school:

1. Submit a formal application for admission by applying online here. Note that the graduate application fee of $30 will be required at checkout.  International students interested in studying on campus should visit our International Student Services webpage to get started.

2. Request an official transcript(s) from the college or university from which you received a bachelor’s degree and from all colleges and universities from which graduate credit was received.  We recommend sending official transcripts electronically via Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse by choosing Delta State University Graduate Admissions ( as the recipient.  Hard copies may be mailed from an institution to:

Delta State University
Office of Graduate Studies
Kent Wyatt Hall 239
Cleveland, MS 38733

** Non-U.S. transcripts are accepted through WES or ECE evaluation services (must be evaluated course-by-course).

3. Meet all admission requirements set by the preferred program.  More information about these standards is available on each program’s webpage and in the Graduate Catalog.  Materials required to complete an application can be emailed directly to

Graduate Program Admission Requirements

Graduate School Test Scores

Depending on degree program, an applicant may be required to send test scores.

If you are applying for the fall semester, please ensure that your test scores are sent to DSU at least 6 weeks in advance of the deadline date. Processing incoming GRE scores during October thru February may take up to 6 weeks following receipt of scores from ETS or other vendor due to the high volume of scores received.

ETS School Code:



GMAT School Code:

Delta State University


Non-Degree Students

To enroll in coursework, non-degree students must apply online and submit official transcripts to Delta State Graduate Admissions ( Once these steps are complete, the non-degree seeking will be asked to complete a Non-Degree Form, which then must be approved by the chair or graduate coordinator of the department in which the course(s) is being offered.

Non-Degree Seeking Form

Non-degree students do not have access to federal financial aid and are not eligible for Graduate Assistantships.

Non-U.S. Transcripts

For applicants who earned their bachelor’s degree from a non-U.S. institution, a transcript evaluation is required. All WES/ECE course-by-course evaluations should be submitted directly to Delta State University.

WES Evaluations

  • Request a WES Evaluation
    • If you have attended more than one non-U.S. university, you will need to request an evaluation for each non-U.S. university previously attended.

ECE Evaluations

  • Request an ECE Evaluation
    • If you have attended more than one non-U.S. university, you will need to request an evaluation for each non-U.S. university previously attended

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission?

Please visit our “How to Apply” webpage for step-by-step instructions. The process always starts at!

Is the graduate application fee required?

Yes, Delta State requires a graduate application fee of $30. At times, we do run application fee waiver specials on our social media platforms (@DSUGradStudies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Keep an eye on our pages!

I locked myself out of my applicant account. What should I do?

Please email, or you can call our office at 662-846-4700. We will unlock your account and reset your password.

How do I send my previous college transcripts to DSU?

Request official transcript(s) from the college or university from which you received a bachelor’s degree and from all colleges and universities from which graduate credit was received. We prefer that official transcripts be sent electronically to Delta State Graduate Admissions ( Please note that Business and Nursing programs require ALL transcripts. Non-U.S. transcripts are accepted through WES or ECE evaluation services; must be evaluated ‘course-by-course.

I attended DSU previously. Do I still need to submit transcripts?

If you attended Delta State as an undergraduate or graduate student, we should already have your information on file. No need to submit transcripts unless you are told otherwise by the Graduate Admissions staff.

What is an official transcript?

To be considered “official,” a transcript must be sent from an institution to Delta State Graduate Admissions.  This can be done via snail mail or through an electronic transcript service, such as Parchment or Clearinghouse.  You can typically request an official transcript via the Registrar’s website at your prior school.  A transcript submitted by a student is not considered official UNLESS it is signed and sealed in its original envelope.

Can I apply to more than one graduate program?

No, please select one program only. If you are not admitted to that program for some reason, you are welcome to reapply to another degree at that time.

How do I check the status of my application?

You can check your application status by logging back into the applicant portal at If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at

How long does it take to be admitted?

Once ALL required application materials are submitted, it typically takes 3-7 business days to receive an admission decision via email. The time frame varies slightly depending on the time of year and any encroaching registration deadlines. Be sure to check your “social” and “spam” folders for communications from

I was already a graduate student at Delta State but took a break from taking classes. I’m ready to return now. What are my next steps?

If you have taken a year or more off from coursework, you will need to reapply via We should already have your transcripts on file; our office will communicate with you via email regarding other admission requirements. If you have stopped out for more than a year, reapplication will mean complying with any new admission requirements enacted since your last term of entry. If you have only taken a semester off, you should email your graduate program coordinator about getting back into classes.

I do not wish to apply for a graduate program. I just want to take a course for continuing education. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Delta State allows students to enroll as non-degree seeking. For more details, visit the “Non-Degree Seeking Students” section on our “How to Apply” page. Please note that non-degree seeking students are NOT eligible for federal financial aid or graduate assistantships.

I’m currently non-degree seeking but wish to start a degree program. What do I do?

You must reapply for a degree program via our online applicant portal, Note that you will be held to the admission standards of the degree program.

I want to change my degree. How do I do that?

You are required to reapply via Note that you will be held to the admission standards of the new degree program. Delta State University no longer accepts the “Change of Major” form at the graduate level.

Does DSU accept transfer credit?

Yes, with approval. To receive transfer credit, students must submit official transcript(s) with the proposed transfer credits. Please contact your academic department and/or graduate program Coordinator for more information about the transfer credit policy in your graduate program.

How do I access functions of the myDSU student portal?

The myDSU student portal ( is comprised four (4) self-service systems: DSU Online Services, Canvas, OKRAmail, and Okra Kard.

  • DSU Online Services is a convenient way to take care of business online for Faculty, Staff, and Students. Within DSU Online students can register for classes, check grades, view unofficial transcripts, pay for tuition, and more.
  • Canvas by Instructure is the University’s learning management system (LMS); the online classroom, if you will.
  • OKRAmail is Delta State University’s student email system where every DSU student has a unique email address. This e-mail address is your lifeline to the University and will be the means for official communication between DSU students and the campus including Faculty, Administration, and fellow students.
  • Okra Kard is the student’s official identification card and is also used for door access, pay for print, Okra Green debit accounts, access to activities, and meal plans.

Students may gain access to these systems with their unique OKRAmail username and self-generated password. Download the myDSU Log In Guide here.

For more FAQs myDSU visit:

How do I register and obtain a class schedule?

Once admitted into a graduate program, the graduate program Coordinator may assist their students with course registration and advisement. Please note that an ‘Alternate PIN’ will be required for student-user registration. The ‘Alternate PIN’ is only given to the student thru the academic department via the Coordinator or supporting staff.

What is an Alternate Pin?

Admitted students are required to enter an ‘Alternate Pin’ when registering for courses. Your advisor/graduate program coordinator will assist with your program of study and course options. A new ‘Alternate Pin’ is generated per academic term. Contact your graduate program Coordinator for more information.

I attended DSU Graduate School, but need to re-enroll for Comps. What is my next step?

DSU Graduate Students who need to complete the comprehensive exams, or comps, must re-apply to the University. Visit

How do I change the name and/or address on my DSU student account?

Student identification numbers, or 900 #s, are generated during an applicants’ first contact with a DSU representative (i.e. high school recruiting fair, campus visit, CEU workshop).  Say you’ve changed your name since you last stepped foot on campus, or you’ve moved since you graduated from DSU.  To change the name and/or address on your DSU account, please visit: DSU Registrar’s Office – Forms to complete a “Name/Address Change Form”.
For a Name change, please provide legal documentation to have your name legally changed. Present a copy of a social security card with your new and acceptable documents such as a court order or marriage certificate.
For an Address change, the student must be 21 years of age.  A permanent address must be a physical address.

How do I access the Graduate Catalog and/or view course descriptions?

The Graduate Catalog is available online at: 

The Graduate Catalog includes, but is not limited to, the Academic Grievance Policy process and student support information, graduate program admission and degree requirements, graduate-level course descriptions, and a list of graduate faculty.

What are the fees to attend DSU?

Delta State University’s academic year Tuition & Fees are produced by the Student Business Services office.

Often called “SBS”, the Student Business Services office offers convenient management of the financial responsibilities and Okra Kards (the student identification card). SBS is located in Kent Wyatt Hall 131.

General Information | Phone: 662-846-4698 | Fax: 662-846-4791